Critical essay

Critical Essay
In any schools – may it be for high school or for college students – teachers normally give projects or assignments to their students. This is to assess the level of understanding that the students have gained in the whole course of the semester and/or to ensure that the students know how to prioritize and organize things.
There are several types of projects that teachers may assign to every student. Research papers, essays, or term papers are the most common writing projects that students need to pass. This is where critical essay starts. Critical essay pertains to a particular writing project which is usually given to students before each grading period. This is the type of essay that will ‘make or break’ the students’ grade. This is the very essay which will be the major basis for the students’ grades or will serve as the criteria of whether the student will pass the subject or not. This is the very reason why critical essay is the most dreadful writing projects of the students.
What do teachers get from giving critical essay as a writing assignment?
Most teachers or educators believe that critical essay can serve as the best tool in assessing the students’ knowledge and understanding of any subject matter that will be assigned to them. Most often giving the series of exams or quizzes is not enough to test if the students are really learning from the course or not. Even graded oral recitations are also not sufficient to prove that students have learned from the subject or from the teachers. Thus, writing assignments are used as another option.
If teachers give critical essay as an assignment to the students, this only means that teachers would want to make sure that the students will be seriously writing for the given topic as this is critical (as the term implies) for their own grades.
1. Teachers will be able to check the students’ proficiency in writing.
They will be able to assess if the students know how to organize thoughts and ideas logically. They will be able to verify whether the students know how to follow all the guidelines of the critical analysis essay. They will find out whether the students know how to use proper grammar, punctuation marks and all other things related to sentence construction.
2. Teachers will then have the chance to assess the students’ method of organizing schedules and setting up priorities.
Critical essays are normally assigned before each grading period. However, it should also be noted that there are other subjects and activities that students need to attend, especially during this very busy grading period. And it is not an excuse for the teachers when they hear students complain about being busy.
A lot of students prefer downloading critical essay examples, sample critical essays and critical essays from the resources on the web. But nobody knows the consequences of this action. Using such free resources in the Internet for their own research may result in failing their grade.
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