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Essay writing assignment has always been a problem for students across the globe. This is because some students find it difficult to structure or even how to introduce, develop and end the essay. It can be a grueling task for anyone who sets out to write without knowing how, but it can be the simplest task of all writing. When one gets the steps in essay writing right, things can be very easy in the whole exercise of essay writing.
Steps in the Essay writing process
To construct a good essay, you don’t just get headlong into writing; you must plan well. These are some of the helpful steps you need to follow;
• Deciding on the topic: this is crucial since you cannot just start writing anything. You must select the topic you are going to write and research on You need to do a comprehensive research on the given topic to write a good essay.
• Preparation of an outline: to ensure that your points flow, you need a guideline for your essay. This way. You won’t omit any point.
• Writing a thesis statement: your essay must have a focus and you should look for the focus before you start writing. This is the central idea within which the whole essay is constructed.
• Introduction: Start your essay with a captivating introduction that is going to draw the reader into the essay. The thesis comes at the end.
• Body: the body is the argument that is made for or against the central focus/thesis. It is the “meat” of the essay.
• Conclusion: when you have finished with the body, recap the main points very briefly in the conclusion. It makes your essay look very organized and coherent.
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