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The first area of the assignment is to specify an appropriate international business strategy that can provide the basis for exploiting the new or existing overseas business market.

The second area of the plan is to define the marketing actions and appropriate organizational structure and control systems for implementing a successful entry or expansion into the overseas market which has been selected.

In the report utilize appropriate academic theories about international business to create frameworks to support your proposals.

The source of all materials included in the report should be accurately referenced using the same referencing format (which is known as the Harvard System) as is utilized in your study guide.

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Case Study Outback Steakhouse Going International.

Does Outback Steakhouse have any substantial impacts for their growth expansion plans?
Identify Outback Steakhouse performance surrounding these key issues:
Restaurant expansion
Operating efficiency
Growth strategy
Customer retention
Cultural Considerations
Restaurant sales
Conduct additional research as necessary to provide the most up to date perspective on this case. Search for the following information:
Annual Report
SEC Form 10-K
Annual Shareholders Proxy Statement
Competitive/Industry Information
Use the written case analysis format to present findings from the case analysis. The case analysis should :
Include the following 5 sections:
Executive Summary
Statement of the Problem
Causes of the Problem
Decision Criteria and Alternative SolutionsRecommended Solution, Implementation and Justification
Be double spaced and the pages should be numbered
Have 1 inch margins – top bottom left and right
Use 12 point font size
Be free of spelling errors
Use an established referencing system – Including 3 to 5 external sources (in addition to your textbook) should be referenced to support the recommendations or to identify issues. This information would be ideally sourced in current journals, magazines and newspapers and should reflect current management thought or practice with respect to the issues identified.
Present the executive summary on the first page of the assignment along with your name (s), student number(s), course section and due date


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OpenEHR (Electronic Health Record) investigation

OpenEHR (Electronic Health Record) investigation – This is designed to be a short (up to 3 pages) report

explaining the use of the OpenEHR Standard which can include the explanation of an example archetype ( this

can be downloaded or hand-built). Other options include identifying the role and use of openEHR in clinical

situations, the conceptual basis of openEHR, or the future of openEHR. At least 10 references are expected.


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Australian Studies

Description: Catriona Elder has concluded that national identities, though powerful, are never fixed because they are always being contested. [‘Imagining Nations: Telling National Tales’ in Being Australian: Narratives of National Identity, Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 2007, p.38, available as an ereading + book in Short Loans]

Discuss three powerful stereotypes of national identity drawn from the material presented in this subject and trace how they have changed over time.

In your discussion you should focus on how those stereotypes have been challenged (contested) by marginalized groups seeking to bring about change.

That contestation might take many forms – academic or popular histories, comedy, literary production, paintings, rituals, legal challenges, festivals, performances, songs, films, radio programs, photographs, TV or press advertisements….

For each of the three stereotypes you have chosen, discuss two different examples of contestation to them. You will get credit for originality and for selecting a number of different forms of contestation.

Graduate Quality developed: Informed; Independent learners; Problem solvers; Effective communicators

Format: 1,700 words for the essay itself (footnotes and bibliography count as 300 words): Total 2,000 words.

Assessment Criteria: This essay is designed to assess your ability to put together your own arguments in an essay format, based on the ideas and readings presented in this subject as well as your own independent research.

You are expected to seek out some articles for yourself – i.e. beyond the readings presented on this subject outline – especially when you discuss contestation of dominant national narratives.

Look first at the additional reading list on the subject website; do a search on the Library catalogue; speak to or email the Research Help Desk in the library; and check out other libraries near where you live.

Start collecting material for your essay well before the due date – remember, if you have written thoughtful reflections throughout the session they will be an invaluable resource for this essay.

A research essay for a first year university subject should cite at least 8 academic sources. These may be books, journal articles and substantial academic websites (if you use websites you should add a brief annotation in the bibliography to explain who compiled it and why it is a credible source).

Quality of writing is a major element of the assessment for this task. A carefully structured essay, which leads the reader through a clearly expressed argument is key. Be sure to answer the set question directly.

Spend time providing an overview of the theoretical debates surrounding national identity before plunging into expressing your own points of view and putting forward your own examples.

Please use no more than 2 internet sources/references and make sure they are all from Australian authors.


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william sealy gosset statistics (biography)

DISCUSS william sealy gosset’s life and his contributions to statistics.

USE U.S. grammar.

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Using the case study scenario below, develop a discharge plan for the elderly patient being discharged from acute care to home to promote healthy aging and independence.


George is a 76year old European man due for discharge at the end of the week from an acute orthopaedic ward following treatment of a right sided #NOF involving a total hip replacement. George had been found on the floor of his 3 bedroom ground level home by his neighbor and close friend following an unwitnessed fall.

George, a tradesman, migrated to Australia in the 1960s with his wife and settled in the house he still lives in today. He has 3 adult children who live interstate accept his youngest daughter who lives with her 2 very young children over an hour’s drive away. George’s wife of 56 years passed away twelve months ago from a myocardial infarct. George’s wife managed the house and cared for George very well, her death was very sudden and unexpected.

George speaks broken English and is usually a fit and healthy older man who has been living independently, only relying on his close friend and neighbour for assistance when needed.


Your assignment should address in essay format the following holistic health considerations for the ageing population;

Briefly discuss what an ACAT assessment involves and why it is used. Identify if an ACAT assessment is appropriate for ‘George’ and how it can assist discharge planning
Compare and contrast community care and support strategies available to support independent living and healthy aging.
Identify which of these are appropriate for George to enable him to live at home.
Identify and discuss strategies that could be utilized if it is identified that George is not managing to live independently or his health deteriorates
Explain why the strategies you have identified are appropriate
Critically discuss how a patients cultural background and age demographic impacts on perception and expectation of care

Preparation – timely completion of study materials. Utilize your learning materials, set text and library resources to research the assessment task topics.

Presentation – Essay format, cover page, font 12pt Arial preferred, 1.5 spacing. Ensure you have a footer with page number and your student name and number. Subheadings maybe used however not necessary. Please provide a title at the beginning of your essay (no title page required). No dot points, tables or diagrams.

References must be presented in CDU APA 6th Referencing Style with at least 10 r

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Methods of Social Research II

I. Program and Course Learning Objectives:

1. Develop proficiency in the use of statistics for personal research purposes and for the comprehensive understanding of professional journals;
2. Apply statistical skills to conduct data analysis using secondary data.
II. Outcomes Assessment:
To fulfill the requirements of the outcomes assessment course of Research Methods II, students are required to apply statistical skills to conduct data analysis using secondary data with SPSS. A Research Report is designed to help students meeting these goals. Successful completion of the report is an indicator of competence in program and course-specific learning goals.

III. Research Report Guidelines:

A Research Report is an organized presentation of the research project, which should present research questions, relevant literature, key findings, and the limitations of the study. This handout will discuss the general principles of writing a research report.

A research report shows how you conducted a research project and what you found. It is a discussion in which you lay out the nature of the problem (research question[s]) of your research project, show why it is important by examining what other researchers have done in this area, describe your hypothesis that assisted in answering your theoretical question(s), and explain how you tested these hypotheses by describing your data collection (e.g., secondary data) and methods of analysis (e.g., chi-square test of independence), and finally the findings and limitations of the study.

Your Research Report should include the following sections and their subtitles (see Chapter 9 in Sweet and Grace-Martin 2012).

The title should be a concise description of your research report. On the title page you should also include your name, academic department, course number, and the submission date.

• ABSTRACT (about 1 paragraph on the second page of your report)
This is a summary of your research report that includes information on the topic, the research problem, and the basic findings. You should write the Abstract after you complete your research report.

• INTRODUCTION (about 1 page)
Introduce your research topic. Give a succinct statement of the main theoretical problem that your research will address. “The introduction is designed only to open the question, not to answer it” (Sweet and Grace-Martin, 2012: 218).
-What is your topic?
-What is your research question(s)?
-Why is it important?

• LITERATURE REVIEW (about 1 page)
Overview of the scholarly literature that has addressed this topic to date. Students are required to use at least THREE scholarly sources in the literature review. Discuss background studies and research that you have done to prepare for this report.
-What others have found regarding your research?
-Discuss the significance of your research. Why do you want to conduct this project if the research has already been done? Discuss how your study would contribute to a better understanding of the issue.

While the substance of your literature review is most important, a polished professional presentation style will only enhance it. Include the full reference to each article in a standard format in alphabetical order by author’s last name on a separate sheet at the end of your paper.

Note: Students are required to use the ASA style of author’s last name; year of publication and page number in parentheses for citations in the text, which eliminates the need for footnotes and endnotes. On-line sources should be used with caution, and, if used, should be cited appropriately (see ASA Style Guide posted on the Blackboard). If you do not use citations you are plagiarizing. If you plagiarize you will receive a failing grade in the course. Points are to be taken off if you do not use the ASA citation format.

• DATA AND METHODS (1-2 pages)
o A brief discussion of the data (GSS08 or STATS10), which may be found in the Preface of Sweet and Grace-Martin (2012).

o Research Design
-What is your hypothesis?
-Name and describe the variables that address your research question
-What is the dependent variable?
-What are the independent variables?

• FINDINGS (2-3 pages)
Report on the summary of results in relation to your data. One of the best ways to organize the findings section is to discuss results in relation to hypothesis.

-Summarize your data using frequency tables, charts etc., to show data distribution.
-What strategy do you adopt in analysis of association between dependent and independent variables (e.g., chi square test of independence) and why?
-What are your results? Do you reject or fail to reject your hypothesis for each test of independence? Why?

Present all tables, figures, and charts. If you can incorporate the tables in the body of your text, please do so. Remember to label and title all tables and figures. Tables and figures must be interpreted with a brief discussion. Go beyond the comment “the association between the two variables is statistically significant” and explain what that means!

• CONCLUSION (1-2 pages)
-What do you conclude from findings in relation to your research hypothesis?
-What patterns do you see?
-How do you make sense of your findings in relation to your research question?
-What are the limitations of your analysis?
-If you were to do your study again, what would you do differently?

Note: Be very reflective about the implications of your results. To do this effectively, you need to give yourself a day or two and really think about what you have found by focusing on the results without looking at tables. Then, write this portion of the report. You should be answering the question: what do your results mean as part of the bigger sociological picture? [This is really hard to do especially at the end of the semester when you have a bunch of different things due at once. However, it can mean the difference between an outstanding report and a mediocre one.]

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Competitive positioning

Provide an environmental analysis for Lake Eole (see attached file)

your work include the Macro environment (1page) ,

the micro-environment (1page) ,

the SWOT analysis (1 page)

Marketing situation (1page)

Strategic Initiatives + Possible Strategic Initiatives +

Selection of Initiatives and Activities Associated (1 page)

Implementation, Service/Price/Place/Promotion (1page).

Include the survey data


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1.Set out what you think are the main aims and objectives of the company (using the SMART approach). Also, provide a draft of a suitable Mission Statement for the company.

2.Assess the merits and drawbacks of a range of pricing strategies and decide which would be appropriate for this business in its established market in the UK and its new venture in India. Explain why you think your choice would be appropriate for the business, its product and markets.

3.Choose one of the categories of employee shown above and show how you would use benchmarking to measure their contribution to the work of the company and how it can be a useful tool in staff management.

4.Identify the main difficulties and barriers the company would face in its efforts to trade in the export market to India.

5.Imagine that a number of the companys important commercial customers have reported a problem with the

product. It appears that in some instances the UAVs operating at customers premises close to busy highways

have developed a technical fault to do with the software. This causes the UAV to confuse fast moving vehicles as

potential targets and they will try to monitor movement over the highways. Drivers have been distracted and

although there have been no major road accidents up to now there have been complaints to some of the

businesses using the UAVs and, in some cases; the local police authorities have been involved.

Identify the risks involved in this situation, the potential impact on the company and the actions that will be

taken by the appropriate functional areas within AirSec.

Here are some sources and requirements: AirSec Ltd., was originally set up by three young graduate research

engineers who developed the technology to combine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs (popularly known as

drones) with high technology security systems.

They succeeded to achieve this with a miniature drone equipped with high definition cameras that could use

both ordinary light images and special night-viewing infra-red images. Further developments introduced

real-time WiFi links to a variety of receivers, including cellular phones.

Although the product had real potential, there were two important problems in turning the technological

development into a marketing success. Firstly, the three founders of the company had limited commercial

expertise and, of more importance, could not raise the large amounts of finance needed to launch a new product

onto the market. Fortunately, the great potential of the product was noticed by a larger company which

specialised in acquiring small high-tech businesses and turning them into marketable ventures.

The three were offered a large sum of money to sell the company (along with any patents) and each were offered

a seat on the new Board of Directors. They were delighted to accept.

Several years later the company has proved its potential, has many business and domestic customers in the UK

and is making an acceptable level of profits.

The product:

As stated, it is a UAV (drone) equipped with camera-based security which can be used in both daylight and dark

conditions. The UAVs can be programmed to patrol the airspace around business or domestic premises. Patented

software installed in the UAVs detects movement and thermal images which then activates the equipment to

focus attention on potential intruders. A warning signal is sent to the customer and can be received by mobile

phones or stationary devices held on the premises by customers own security staff or an external security

company. Real-time video images can then be accessed and the necessary action taken to protect the premises.

The images can also be used by the police to detect suspects and as evidence in criminal proceedings that may be

taken against intruders.


The manufacturing cost of the UAV is around 1850 and the added technological equipment is 1550. For full

security protection the company recommends one UAV for every 400 square metres of land.


The annual turnover in the UK is now several millions but the increase in turnover is beginning to slow down

and the company has ambitions to enter a non-EU market. Following a suggestion at a recent meeting of the

Board it was decided to investigate the export market in India. The main reasons were the fact that India has a

rapidly emerging business sector, a huge internal market and there are long-standing cultural connections

between the two countries.


The company believes that the quality and drive of its workforce is essential to continued growth and success. It

has now developed to employ over 120 employees and it is expecting to employ a further 50 people over the next

year. Below board level, the categories of staff are managerial and administrative, research, professional

engineers, software engineers, shop-floor assembly workers and miscellaneous categories (including delivery

drivers, maintenance workers, cleaners, etc).

You are now required to make use of a range of topics included in the Business Management Module, including:

� Aims and objectives

� Pricing strategies

� Benchmarking

� Barriers to international trade

� Functional areas

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The role of Medical Radiations in diagnosis and follow-up of pulmonary embolism

Concise writing (Word count 1400 +/‐ 70)


  • Introduction: about 250 words (which is talking generally about the pulmonary embolism and the percentage of people who are effected or has pulmonary embolism. Finally, the last sentence it should be start by (this essay aims the principles and roles of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine to diagnosis and follow-up this pulmonary embolism (from general to be more narrower)



  • Body : about 900 words, and contain from 6 paragraphs:


  • 1st Stream (Medical Imaging) Three paragraphs
  • 1st paragraph talks about overview the role of Ultrasound ,MRI ,CT and FLOUROSCOPY in diagnosis the pulmonary embolism (150 words).


  • 2nd paragraph describe DEEPLY how CT scan procedure in performed to achieve image production as well the technique and including images from CT scan and follow-up (150).


  • 3rd paragraph describes DEEPLY how Angiography procedure in performed to achieve image production as well the technique and including images from Angiography and follow-up (150).




  • 2nd Stream (Nuclear Medicine)Three paragraphs
  • 1st paragraph talks about overview the role of SPECT GAMMA CAMERA & PET CT in diagnosis the pulmonary embolism (150 words).


  • 2nd paragraph describe DEEPLY how SPECT GAMMA CAMERA procedure in performed to achieve image production as well the technique and including images from SPECT and follow-up (150)


  • 3rd paragraph describes DEEPLY how PET CT procedure in performed to achieve image production as well the technique and including images from PET CT and follow-up (150).






  1. References: (AT LEAST 17 REFERENCES) each paragraph should has multiple references even in introduction and conclusion. This essay requires referencing in the APA style, with full in‐text referencing. References should be from high quality information sources such as government web sites (if you want statistical information such as pulmonary embolism statistics which is useful to justify the importance of your topic), peer‐reviewed journals or from text‐ books, in particular those that are highly relevant to the MRS profession and the Australian context.


Need to be focus of attention while writing


  1. Topic and Justification : Topic is clearly defined. Major terms and background is clearly explained. Demonstrates justification of topic.
  2. Overview of the role of each investigated Medical Radiations Stream in diagnosis/treatment of condition: Concise and relevant discussion of the role of each investigated stream (In specialty area) or in treatment/diagnosis of condition
  3. Description of how procedure is performed to achieve image production or treatment for each stream (Include images): Good discussion showing depth and insight. Ability to analyze and evaluate information evident. Appropriate images included
  4. Summarize assignment relevant to topic investigated and evidence reviewed: Accurately and concisely summarizes the role of streams investigated as per assignment topic selected and evidence presented in assignment.
  5. Expression : Well written. Is organized and coherent. What is written is clear and easily understood. Spelling and grammar are excellent.
  6. Appropriateness of literature reviewed and in-text referencing : Literature cited in body of assignment (in text referencing) is evident and accurate throughout assignment. All key points have multiple references. Key journals and texts relevant to MRS are used including Australian statistics as appropriate. All images and Tables from other sources are referenced appropriately.
  7. Reference List : APA style used accurately and consistently in reference list. ALL references are accurate and correct and conform to APA referencing style.

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