Economics CAT

1. a cover which reflects the totality of you as a human being in words and images 2. your choice of the THREE most important articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( and an explanation of why they are the most important to you. This explanation will also be in words and images. 3. a personal statement of belief about Canada’s Social Safety Net of Health Care, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension – what are they, who gets them, why do they get them and should they get them? 4. a personal statement of belief about debt cancellation for impoverished countries – what is it, who gets it, should these counties get it? 5. a personal statement of belief about the use of personal technology – are we digital dummies? ( What role does technology have in the world in which you want to live? 6. your personal carbon footprint and a prediction of the fate of the world if everyone were exactly like you 7. a personal economic forecast for yourself for September 2016, April 2017 and September 2017. Include employment, housing, retail expenditures and a personal technology inventory. What trends do you see and are they favourable? 8. in text parenthetical references throughout the document AND at the end, a bibliography for this spectacular assemblage of your thought processes and research.

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