mini paper

Frustrated by the across the board increase in violent and property crimes in a large suburban area, citizens and community leaders have been discussing the idea of starting a new police department in one of the cities. This city has experienced a bustling 50% in population growth over the last three years due to several mixed use and planned residential communities that are now completed. Areas that were considered more rural more than 10 years ago have been rezoned and are now considered a prime location for commercial development. The transportation infrastructure was not prepared to handle the influx of traffic. This has resulted in an increase in response times by the local law enforcement agency that services the area. The local law enforcement agencies is less than enthusiastic of the City’s plans to start their own Department. As a former Police Chief in a neighboring metropolitan jurisdiction, you have been asked to serve as a consultant to the City regarding this issue.

Provide insight to the City regarding the following:


  • What are some challenges the City will face if they decide to start their own Police Department? How can the City prepare to overcome these challenges?
  • What alternatives are available to the City instead of starting their own Police Department?
  • Who are the stakeholders that should be involved in this process?

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