Research paper

Research paper has to have at least 5 references in APA style and 6 pages only

  • individual assignment (Your Individual Paper):
  • You are Bill Gates’ sibling (the brother or sister) who we have never heard of, however, you are just as brilliant (if not more so) than he. You have a fantastic business idea (I don’t really care what it is for this paper) for a product or service that will take advantage of current (and ubiquitous) technology… the Internet. Your product or service is designed to take advantage of eCommerce (or not, but you must make the case that you’ve considered eCommerce as an alternative but rejected it).
  • Your assignment is to write a paper to cover your initial plan for your business. Later in the term I will ask you to develop your implementation plan (which will incorporate additional information that will be discussed throughout this term), however in this paper you will write your initial business plan to include but not limited to the following:
    • – Why are you taking the eCommerce approach compared to other approaches?
    • – How did you arrive at this decision point… what was your decision making approach?
    • – After you decided on your eCommerce product or service, you created an initial project plan… how did
    • you create your initial project plan? What lead you to decide on the plan that you chose?
    • – If you do decide to go ahead with your project, will all phases of your business be “ethical”? If yes, how
    • will you be certain? If no, why not?
    • Do your best to be comprehensive yet succinct… please do not exceed 10 pages in your paper at this time.
    • Good luck… and always feel free to go beyond the text for the examples that you will present.



  1. You slogan can be “We Bring the Salon to You”… here you aren’t just bringing fashions on a truck, but you are bringing the Salon to the high end buyer


  1. Instead of a “Truck”, you might describe it as a “Yacht on Wheels”… the upper class spender who is your customer will be accustomed to going on a Yacht in the Ocean… you can bring the experience of a Yacht to your high end customer.


  1. As we discussed earlier today, one of the ways you can apply eCommerce is that your customers will make prior appointments and purchases so that when your Yacht arrives, it is not for them to look around, but it is for you to finalize the sale and possibly take additional orders on the spot.






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